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The Spanish language has, over the last several decades, become the fastest growing language in the world. With hundreds of millions of people speaking the language, it now ranks in the top three. In the United States, long a settling place for speakers of many different languages from around the world, the steady influx of Spanish-speaking people presents a unique challenge to a country that has long had English as its primary spoken and written form of communication. And though bilingual capability is being actively pursued in an attempt to ease the transition of these people – who are primarily of Mexican origin – the fact is that there are not enough dual-language speakers to handle every need that arises. As a result, the English to Spanish translator has become a more and more commonly available program.

How the Translators Work

The English to Spanish translator programs are dependent upon elaborate software programs that contain databases with tens of thousands of words, phrases, and grammatical usages. In form and function, the two languages are very different from one another and a simply word-by-word translation can not effectively capture the meanings of either when a translation is made. For instance, the English language’s use of adjectives and other modifiers generally involves placing them directly before the noun they are modifying. In Spanish, this practice is reversed. Such differences make it all but impossible to simply translate each word and expect the meaning of the sentences to remain the same.

Using Phrases Rather Than Words

As a result, the best English to Spanish translators rely upon phrase recognition for their work, rather than the words that make up the phrase. Only within the context of phrases, sentences, and paragraphs can a true translation be made from English the Spanish – or to most other languages for that matter. One of the most popular of these translation programs is the free Google translator and it too utilizes this phrase recognition capability when it translates English text to its Spanish equivalent. Of course, there are numerous other free translators available online and even more complex paid software offerings. However, Google’s size and resources have made their English to Spanish translator one of the most widely used.

Meeting Needs at Every Level

So, you might wonder, what type of documents and text requires these translations? Simply put, almost everything. From corporate documents and marketing proposals to the vast range of government forms and applications, almost everything in the United States these days requires bilingual production. Tens of millions of Spanish residents – the vast majority of them legal citizens or on the path to citizenship – still speak Spanish as their first language. As was true with previous waves of immigrants, the first generation usually retains the language of their homeland, with subsequent generations becoming well-versed in English. For that first generation of Spanish speakers, the necessity of providing them basic services in both the private and public spheres make this type of program absolutely essential to a proper integration into American society.

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